Any comments you make about my writing, either good or bad, would be appreciated.


  1. Rick Gates says:

    Just finished A Larger Universe. One of the better, and most unique sci fi books I have read. I look forward to more.

    However, I just wanted to check that the Kindle edition ends with “Perhaps you should talk with her?” and the number 245. It seemed abrupt and I wanted to check before contacting Amazon.


  2. Rick,
    Yes, it’s supposed to end that way. You are not the only person to comment on that ending. I had hoped it would be something of a cliff hanger. In any case, this story is over at that point and it is time for a new story to begin. I’m happy you liked the novel. An Amazon review would be greatly appreciated.

  3. ann seabolt says:

    Loved the story. But it ended so abruptly I contacted Amazon thinking I had not gotten a complete download. If you stopped at this point with the expectation of a sequel perhaps putting “the end” would be a good idea. I haven’t had another book I’ve read end so abruptly. As I said I loved the story and hope to see the conclusion in the near future.

  4. So is there going to be a follow on to A Larger Universe? It feels as if there should and I’ve been waiting a long ti me! LOL!


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