From Vivian, a reader of “The Lesser Talisman”

*The Lesser Talisman* is incredible. As a fan of fantasy, I can tell you that you created a new and unusual world. You left Gandalf and Dumbledore our of your book. So many authors create derivative characters, which I find tiresome.

Your characters are well-developed, even the tiny ones.

I especially liked the multiple stories that became one at the end.

Your writing is very skillful, without so many of the trite expressions others use. I was completely enthralled with your story from beginning to end.

Thank you for a wonderful read!

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  1. Damien says:

    I think we’re all still waiting for a sequel to A Larger Universe. Are you waiting for inspiration, James?
    When you write that I’ll read the lesser talisman straight after.
    P.S. Netflix are handing out show deals like candy for good screenplays.

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