From soon to be published “The Lesser Talisman”

The Minstrel’s Song

Come, fill your cup and listen to my tale,
About a world long lost beyond the Veil,
Where three moons hurry across the sky,
And lives are ruled by bronze, and horse, and sail.

A world where magic beasts, both great and small,
Bring woe to him on whom their wrath befall;
Though neither sword nor spear can do them harm,
Those bound to talisman are held in thrall.

My story starts as men ride forth to war
Before the walls between the rivers’ shore,
While Jann and Demon bet upon the end,
And count which men will fall to rise no more.

rapidfire postcard septemberI’ll be reading a brief selection from “A Larger Universe.” I had hoped to be finished with “The Lesser Talisman” but alas….