Thank you.

Teen Rank

Amazon had a system failure last night and a large number of rankings disappeared for the Kindle, including mine and “Hunger Games.” When the rankings reappeared, about noon, this is where I was in the Teen Science Fiction. ┬áThe story is about a teenager, but not meant to be only for teenagers. ┬áThank you all for reading my novel…and a special thanks to everyone who has written a review on Amazon.

Portland Critique Group

I’ve found a writer’s critique group in Portland! The other two members are Milo and Leah and our first meeting is Monday, July 2. Actually, I found another group that I am also trying to join, but I haven’t heard back from them.

We don’t know much about each other yet, but I have high hopes. If nothing else, this will give me some short term deadlines rather than one big goal.