On reading a “Haiku”

Five syllables start
A Haiku, then come seven,
And then five again.

Tradition be damned,
I’ll do six, then six again,
Then I’ll do seven.

It sounds a little off,
And rules can be so hard,
But is it really Haiku?

Who am I to say?
Structure is so confining,
It’s just poetry.

I could write prose,
Or a sonnet’s fourteen lines,
And not think so much.

But when I’ve done it,
Every beat accounted for,
Then I truly know,

Shrinking an image
To seventeen syllables.
Is worth the effort.

–Jim Gillaspy–

By jameslgillaspy

I've published two novels and I am working on a third. We live in Portland, Oregon now, a city I can recommend for writers. The Fall and Winter weather is so uniformly dreary that the distractions are few. Other than writing, my hobbies are sport fencing (epee) and ballroom dancing with my wife. And I spend a lot of time taking care of our four cats (I hope you also figured out that I have cats, if you read my novel.)