A recommendation

I would be the first to admit that I write “adventure” science fiction. I try to make it fun and entertaining. If you prefer your science fiction to be more cerebral, which I sometimes do as a reader, I recommend “The Hour before Morning” by Arwen Spicer (http://www.amazon.com/The-Hour-before-Morning-ebook/dp/B0080Q9LFQ). She joined my writer’s group this week so, of course, I had to look her up and read some of her work. The theme is unconventional, dark, and thought provoking.


  1. Hi James, I’ve been following your blog and did buy your “Universe” book. Also will follow up on your recommendation to check out Arwen Spicer’s work. A request: please check out my new “adventure” sci fi novella: The Dolphin of Europa on Amazon Kindle. At least read the preview and let me know if it interests you.
    Thanks. KEN KRAUS kenkrauswriter.com

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