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A New Type of Space Opera,February 18, 2012

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This review is from: A Larger Universe (Kindle Edition)

I disagree that this is a kid’s book. While it was about a kid being kidnapped by aliens and coming of age first as a slave and then as a leader of the ships crew, I think it could be enjoyed by all, even those of us with more adult tastes. As the author says, he’s attempting to write in the vein of Heinlein. To a large degree he succeeds. Certainly no one would accuse Heinlein’s works as being for children alone.

I enjoyed this book throughly, even though I was some what at a loss with all of the computer jargon. Don’t let that stop you from buying this book, though. If you enjoy a characther driven sci-fi book that is obviously developing towards a great space opera series, then jump right in.


  1. Dow Hurst says:

    I enjoyed the book. Anyone who is a sysadmin would appreciate the usefulness of open source free software such as Linux and LibreOffice when one is light years away from Microsofts licensing/activation mechanisms. I loved that twist! Plus, all the hardcore assembly language analysis was cool! Any geek young or should appreciate all of that stuff. And, demanding freedom for all without taking advantage was grassroot Americanism at it’s purest. This is a book for everyone to enjoy who likes thinking about prejudice, freedom, and the technology that surrounds us.

  2. E Adams says:

    I enjoyed the sample you are gifted writer, I do hope to read the finished product someday. I also read and thoroughly enjoyed A Larger Universe, really, really, really looking forward to the follow up to that story.

    Thank You for sharing your vision and talents

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