Today, I received the first proof copy of my new novel “The Lesser Talisman.“

I found this as a comment to an Amazon review (of someone else’s novel)

From a person who logs into Amazon as panopticon7: It’s not science fiction if the technology described is merely listed–to be science fiction, there needs to be an element of explanation; without explanation of any kind, whether through descriptions of use all the way through full expositions of actual or imagined physics, it is merely… Continue reading I found this as a comment to an Amazon review (of someone else’s novel)


The house is quiet, A hollow shell without joy Since our orange cat’s death


I’ll be reading a brief selection from “A Larger Universe.” I had hoped to be finished with “The Lesser Talisman” but alas….

New bookstore in North Portland

Another Read Through3932 N Mississippi AvePortland, OR 97227 My novel “A Larger Universe” ( ) and many other novels written by members of the Northwest Independent Writers Association, ( )are available at the store.

On reading a “Haiku”

Five syllables start A Haiku, then come seven, And then five again. Tradition be damned, I’ll do six, then six again, Then I’ll do seven. It sounds a little off, And rules can be so hard, But is it really Haiku? Who am I to say? Structure is so confining, It’s just poetry. I could… Continue reading On reading a “Haiku”